Honda Doesn't Like 2 Strokes

by Jett Bales
(Salem OR)

I'm not a dirt enthusiast but I ride a two stroke street bike, and it kills me knowing that they don't make them anymore and don't have any future plans to do so.

To me it is simple - lighter, faster, simpler. I don't understand how people don't see it though. I understand the whole emissions thing, but as said above, they have corrected this problem. With proper oil and jetting emissions they can be better than any four stroke.

It is simply that the big four can make more money with the fours so they pushed them instead of the twos. Since the fall of the two stroke the market for dirt bikes has dropped as well. You would think in a business sense that two would be smarter.

I have also heard that the owner of Honda didn't like the two stroke so he bought the AMA and did away with them with more handicaps than they could handle, for the simple fact that he didn't like them.

I believe that it should be up to the general census and what the customer wants and I hope and pray we get back to that day again.

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