How Much For a 1998 KDX 220?

by Robert
(United States)

First off thanks for this wonderful site! It has given me some nice tips and interesting information to read. Keep up the awesome work!

I have looked a bit on the net to find some info on pricing of a dirt bike I'm looking at picking up. It's a 1998 Kawasaki KDX220r for sale and the guy is asking $1000. I looked at the KBB for this bike and it shows $1350 for one that is in like-new condition. The bike has a new back tire, chain, sprockets, tool bag and tail light. He claims it will start on first kick and runs awesome and will hold my weight with no problems (215).

Thanks to your tips on buying a used bike I now know more of what to look for when I go test drive it but I guess my main question is.. is $1000 too much for this bike in your opinion?

Thanks for any help,


- Hi Robert.

I had a look around for prices on these bikes here in New Zealand. I found something similar for around $1800 N.Z which is about $1300 US. So that pricing sounds pretty much bang on. Having a new back tire, chain and sprockets is a definite plus as it saves you a couple of hundred bucks right there. If the bike runs as good as claimed, then it sounds like a great deal.

Take my checklist along with you and make sure you find out how many hours it has done on the current piston/rings. Ask him to be honest so that you know when to change them.

Glad I could help Robert!

Hayden -

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Sep 23, 2010
Common Mod For KDX 220's
by: Anonymous

Hey Robert. Go for it mate these bikes are tops - and good price too.

A good carb mod for these is to biff the carb that's on it and fit a 200 carb. They for some reason made the 220 bigger then made the carb smaller. The bigger 200 carb gives grouse bottom end and longer midrange! So I've heard lol.

All the best

Sep 21, 2010
Upstanding Guy!
by: Robert Pfeil


I must say I really do appreciate the time you took out to answer my email! I'm glad to see I could help inspire another idea for your website. The information you have and give is priceless and I can tell u right now this website is going on my favorites list. I spoke to the guy selling the bike and he said he'll take the for sale sign down and roll it back into the shop until I'm ready to pick it up from him. I'm going to print out your checklist and do my initial test drive next week.

Thanks for all,

Oh I also submitted a MX track and have two more I wanted to submit to you but I don't know any of the info on them other than I've ridin on them and they are good places to ride.

- My pleasure Robert. Enjoy the new set of wheels!


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