How To Lower The Seat Height For Shorter Riders

by Jay
(Aurora, IL, USA)

My friends and I are about to start trail riding. Some of my friends have ridden before but I have not. My issue, in looking at dirt bikes, is the seat height. They all seem incredibly high. I'm 5'8" tall, standing upright with my feet flat my inseam is 30 1/2". I'm looking at a CRF230F and the seat height is 34.1". Won't I be on my toes when I put my feet down? That doesn't seem particularly safe.

My question is, is that about right? Are most bikes in that range? Will I be able to replace the seat or adjust the bike in any way to make it lower?


- Hi Jay.

Yep, most of the adult sized bikes are around the same height as a CRF 250. And yes, it is possible to cut your seat to be lower, which is inexpensive and relatively easy.

You can also use lowering links to modify your rear suspension however, when you alter the rear it will create a change in the way the front end handles. So you may need to drop the forks in the triple clamps and change the valving in them. Your local motocross suspension tuner should be able to sort it out for you at a cost. But it will be worth your money to get it right as correct suspension set-up is critical for a good ride.

Here is a good website to look at

If anyone else has conquered the same 'small' problem as Jay here, can you share your experience with us?

Hayden -

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