Hubba Bubba Stewart Aint All That

He may be quick around the track but he's reckless alright. And he has no consideration for other riders when racing to the point where he could potentially kill them - like the time he jumped down onto Ricky Carmichaels back and took him out. Idiot. That's not the behavior of a true sportsman.

Riders like R.C, Jeremy McGrath and Stefan Everts are true heroes of MX and SX.

I know these guys are at the top of their game but everyone has a choice to perform with dignity and honor. Chubba doesn't do that.. He even had to get his team mate Kyle Chisholm to perform an illegal block on Reed in a critical ending to an AMA supercross round in 2009. That's bull$#!*.

I don't care about how much everyone else talks up Stewart - he's a great rider but a poor representative.


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Aug 31, 2010
Come On
by: Anonymous

The reason he's the World Champ is because he's so competitive. At that level accidents are going to happen, it's not like he intentionally crashes into people.

He's the best Supercrosser that ever existed.

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