I Hate The Way Two Strokes Are Compared To Four Strokes

by CR 80 Rider

Is it just me, or is it that every time people compare the 2 strokes and the 4 strokes that they always compare it to the wrong bike. Take the CR500 for example, it's always compared to the CRF 450. Well should it be? No, DEAD WRONG! You see, they say the 450 riders are always tested on the same track with the 500. Well it's obvious the four strokes are going to dominate. Now put someone like my Uncle for example who's been riding the 500 pretty much all his life (he's got two 500's - ones a "dirt bike" and ones a "sand bike"), if you put him on the same track and he rode both, he would dominate on the 500. But believe me, I Loovve 2-STROKES.

Anyway, I just looked up the horsepower a 250 makes, it's about 43-47HP. Now the 450... ready? 48-55HP including all that weight you have to haul around. I ride a Honda CR 80 big wheel, and believe me, that thing hauls! Now I know what your thinking, "A kid doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to this stuff." But I do my research to keep the 2 strokes alive.

Now the 500 puts out 63-68hp... yeah right a 450 could keep up with a 500, K, bring it on. Listen to this, a CRF 250 puts out 20.1 foot-pounds of torque. The CR 250 sets out 30.6 foot pounds of torque. The 450 sets out 36 foot-pounds of torque. Now the CR500 creates 50 foot pounds of torque! Know this info. when someone tells you that 4 strokes make more horse power.

But I don't want 250 and 125 riders to hop on a 500 when they're not ready. And trust me on this, they are starting to make championships in Britain only for 2 strokes, so don't worry guys and girls the two strokes should be around for a while (I hope).

Me and my Uncle will do everything to bring back the two strokes, but we cant do it alone. So tell all your friends to STOP WATCHING AMA motocross if you can... PLEEAASE! And hope that millions will try and bring back the two strokes, cause if we have the majority, then companies will want to make more two strokes to make money.

But have fun and remember to KILL THE FOUR STROKE RIDERS OUT ON THE TRACK. Happy riding BRAAAAP BRAAAAP!

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Jan 26, 2011
2-Stroke Ban to Come?
by: Chris

Well, I am not sure if it would be fair to allow a 2-stroke 250cc ride along and next to 4-stroke 250cc dirt bikes in MX races. The reason I am not necessarily for it is because it is simply a different technology and 2-strokes have double the amount of power-cycles / ignitions, and therefore an unfair advantage. A race victory just because of having a more powerful bike is not really a winning situation a honest man could be proud of!

It would be far more fair, if the classes wouldn't be designated in cylinder-cc, but instead in kW or horsepower, with an allowed tolerance of +/- 2 or 3 kW/HP. That way all technologies could compete pretty fairly. I really think it's a shame the classes are not in kW / HP!

Personally I am all for the 2-stroke. And at least in MX real men ride 2 strokes. 4-strokes are boring and are for pussies and old ladies (in MX). I really hate 4-strokes with a passion in MX, and believe their introduction per se was a crime against mankind. I don't want 4-strokes out completely now, but what I hate the most is, that these goddamn eco-communists and environment bastards DON'T WANT US TO HAVE FREE CHOICE. There are so few 2-stroke MX bikes out there in comparison to all the other vehicles. 2-strokes are NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER for the environment to handle!

Nothing but irresponsible fear-mongering and lobbying against freedom. They apparently don't want to allow us to choose a 2-stroke, and try whatever they can to ban it altogether. This attitude alone, should cause everyone who doesn't care about the technologies to get a 2-stroke, just to let them f*%#$@s know, THIS IS AMERICA, THE LAND OF THE FREE, WHERE WE HAVE FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

Or will all you guys just switch to 4-stroke, just because the freakin government doesn't want us to have true MX fun? That smell of burning premix, the jelling sound, a powerband that might get out of control, the brute force acceleration.. the good ol' feeling of a 2-stroke!

Why support companies who build ONLY 4-strokes and want to take the freedom of choice away from us, the customers? Stuff 'em. People, spend your money wisely and most importantly: Have fun.

Just my 2 cents.

Aug 08, 2010
2 Strokes and 4 Strokes (love em both)
by: Anonymous

I love both 2 strokes and 4 strokes. It's great that there is variety. Hope they (manufacturers) still keep 2 strokes alive and add all technology (except for the engine of course) onto the 2 strokes.

Think: If they put all this new technology + the 2 strokes lighter weight - that would be great.

+ If they worked on the 2 stroke engine to make it even better - then you would really have something!!

As for watching the nationals (someone said stop watching them).. Heck no - why would anyone who loves racing want to stop watching just because the bike is a 4 stroke?

Benefits to a 4 stroke: Many people prefer the engine output (smoother, more torquier, etc) - That's great. It just builds more people that love dirt biking.

What would I like to see in 2 strokes and 4 strokes?

1) 2 strokes: More technology added to the 2 strokes (like electronic fuel injection) like the 4 strokes, newer frame, suspension updates.

2) 2 Strokes: More displacements : Like KTM 150. Perhaps Honda could make a HONDA CR 150 (This would be awesome! You could ride in the 250f class (would be lighter weight, plus make great power) and would be legal.

3) 4 strokes: I would like to see (again like Ktm) Honda make a 350 four stroke, along with other Japanese manufacturers. 450 for most (especially track riding) unless your a superstar pro is too much power.

4) 4 strokes: bring down the weight more (like 2 strokes (if possible).

Man - I love dirt biking in general. If I had a billion dollars - I would love to make my own dirt bike (American) company - and make a "high tech" quality - works like product.

Jul 27, 2010
Two Strokes And Smiling
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with you both, I ride a 2007 rm 125 and even that can rip on any mx track u can find. And it gives a lot of four-strokes a run for their money.

But my next bike is gonna be a sx 150 ktm as they are still pushin the two stroke idea along with Yamaha. So everybody should buy new ktm and Yamaha two strokes and make sure every time u ride u smile, and make sure those four-stroke riders see us having more fun. Maybe one day they will realize how we have more fun, cheaper and easier than them and then they might see sense and buy one for themselves.

Oct 13, 2009
CR 80 Rider
by: Anonymous

Yeah man you're on the money (and on the pipe!)

Dec 20, 2008
Good Job! CR-80 Man.
by: jeff

Great research CR dude. I also love 2-strokes. The last bike I owned was a '97 RM 250. And believe me, I raced a '97 YZ 400 4-choke up an eighth mile, blacktop, steep road to do some mountain riding, & I smoked the crap out of his 400! He was so pissed he asked me to sell him my RM 250. I did sell the RM about a year later but not to him. I'm just waiting for my local KTM shop to get a '09 300XC in!

May 2-strokes live forever CR man! I like your idea NOT to watch AMA Supercross anymore. We all must stand up & demand our 2-strokes back whatever it takes. I think I'll go ahead & write a letter, or letters to Suzuki, Yamaha (since they started all this 4-choke crap) & Honda as you should to. So just maybe they'll get the hint!!!

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