I Love Two Strokes

Once you've grown up on a two stroke and then ride a four, you are disappointed. I don't like four strokes for a couple reasons...

You can't feel the raw power like you can on a two stroke... and there's nothing like the smell and sound of a two-stroke in the morning on the track. You just cant beat it.

So what's better? In my opinion, definitely two strokes. Is there anything better on a four-stroke? Yeah, do I care? No. I wish two strokes were easier to find nowadays... really disappoints me.

And another thing, I bought a 2001 yz250 last year. It starts first kick and runs like a fricking legend. My buddy's 2009 yz450f starts on maybe the 4th kick, and has already been torn apart 3 times for carb, clylinder, and fuel line issues.

I think some people need to get off their asses, stop complaining about mixing gas, drop the four stroke and ride a two stroke.

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Sep 01, 2012
by: Holly

Yes 2 strokes are and always will be the best! I love the screams and the smell of a 2 stroke. I grew up around them and I had one 4 stroke, it was a good running bike but I don't care about them! 2 strokes for life - nothing runs like em!

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