I Think It Just Depends

I'm sure all of you motocross riders have heard all the buzz about 2 stroke vs 4 stroke. Well me personally I don't think it really matters. This is why..

If you are a young rider like me you should probably stick with 2 strokes. I ride a 4 stroke Honda xr80r but we could not find a good 2 stroke. Now my trainer is offering a trade for a kx85r 2 stroke. Off the line a 2 stroke is better. But as far as top of the line speed a 4 stroke dominates.

So like I said it really depends what you are looking for. So I like them equally. I have never had problems with a 4 stroke nor has my dad. We have not really spent much money maintaining a 4 stroke. It cost more to maintain a 2 stroke. Well that is just me they both are good.

- Hi Youngster.

Thanks for sharing your opinion. But I think this whole 'two stroke vs four stoke' discussion is really aimed at the bigger bikes and not bikes like the xr80. Regardless.. it's good to know what people like you prefer to ride. Enjoy the journey!

Hayden -

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