Imagine This..

by Hayden
(Dirt Bike Tips And Pics)

Consider the fact that what rolls off the production line and ends up in my and your garage is a result of what is winning on the indoor and outdoor tracks around the world in motocross, enduro, supercross etc. That's just the way it is.. we all want to ride the best, fastest bike. Why wouldn't you?

Well, because the largest most popular motorcycle companies are focusing their efforts and new technology on four stroke dirt bikes (for whatever reason is irrelevant for what I'm discussing here), what is happening is four strokes are winning a lot of events. As a result of that, these motorcycle companies have a reason (or excuse) to pump out these 'winning machines' to the masses who ARE buying them.

If you aren't racing competition level MX or whatever, but rather you just ride for fun.. either a four stroke or a two stroke can be a brilliant bike to ride. It's your personal choice (and budget). There is no right or wrong. However, when it comes to racing competitively there are these rules in place that govern what size cc bikes can compete against each other.. and this is what is getting everyone fired up!

Well, imagine this.. an annual world motocross and/or supercross event where the best riders can compete on any size cc bike of any design. It doesn't matter if it is pumping out 8hp or 800hp! There's a limit to how fast you could ride on a closed course so it would quickly get to the point where more horses isn't going to make you any faster. Stuff the current rules limiting the bikes, why not have no rules - just the best riders on the best bikes? Would you watch that on T.V or pay to go witness it first hand? I definitely would! It would be bloody interesting to see who wins and on what type of bike. And I think it would push the development and progression of dirt bikes into a whole new number of directions that we are currently missing out on.

Anyway.. Just a thought.


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Jul 17, 2010
Great Ideas... But
by: Jeff Flick

Both of your ideas concerning AMA or FIM racing are excellent, Hayden and Joe and I would love to see them happen. But let's face it, as you guys know the AMA was tossing around the idea about letting the 250cc 2-strokes race in the lites class but that did not happen!

Furthermore some of the manufacturers like Honda are already saying that two-stroke motorcycles are NOT in their future. That statement came from Taichi Honda himself, but at the same time Mr. Honda admits to owning two 2-stroke Honda MX bikes & he likes riding them with his son!

One thing I know for sure is I have a new found respect for the European brands. I mean I've always loved brands like KTM, Husqvarna and Maico but now that I'm seeing most all of the Euro brands are still making, as well as improving on their line of 2-strokes... I'm a smoker and I'll be a smoker for life!

May 26, 2010
Great Idea
by: Joe Shepherd

Yea that would be a great idea. Most everybody would probably be on two stroke 500's. I think that things need to be changed for sure in the AMA. They could even have the lites class on 250 two strokes. That would open the door for some change.

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