Ingoldmells Beach PE25 ILQ - UK

by Simon
(Joe's Beach Bar)

I am the owner of Joes Beach Bar at Ingoldmells near Skegness. We own 3 miles of beach, and were looking to open it up for Motocross, quads, 4x4's and 4 wheel buggies.. to have play days this winter between 1st November and 10th March.

We will charge £10.00 per vehicle/bike. We have seafront parking and some great terrain, soft sand / hard sand / sand cliffs and sand dunes. Vehicles and trailers have great access onto the promenade and can camp over night if they wish.

Is your club, or are you and your mates interested in arranging a meet this winter? If we arrange we can open the pub for toilets and drinks to make things more civilized.

We have hosted the QRA Goldrush Challenge 3 times now, and this event is happening again on the 29th-30th October. It would be great to see some local club support for this event, this time.

Check out Joes Beach Bar at

Join us on facebook to inquire about using our beach. Or text me on 07799815203

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