Is a KTM 65 SXS a Good Dirt Bike?

by Martha
(Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

My question is two fold so here goes -

1. I'm looking to buy a KTM 65 SXS for my son but would like to get some real life advice on this particular model, how safe it is, etc.

The second question I know is a long shot but I want to ask it anyway because I'm really conflicted...

2. He wants me to go look at a bike from this motorcycle dealership in Kansas City, Missouri - - but I don't know how reputable they are.

I feel that real life answers are much better than the reviews I find on the sites. If anyone out there has purchased or looked at a bike from them and could give me insight that would be really great.


- Hi Martha. A young friend of mine owns a KTM 65 so I may be able to help a bit. It's no safer or necessarily more dangerous than most other dirt bikes. They are quick and have a powerband that can bite if the rider is inexperienced, but they're a good quality bike made by a great company.

They're generally good when it comes to repairs but, like any high performance dirt bike, you have to maintain them properly with oil changes, correct fuel mixtures, greasing etc.

If anyone has experience with the above mentioned dealership please leave a comment.


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Jul 30, 2013
KTM 65
by: Anonymous

We had a ktm 65 and they're great bikes, never major issues. Just keep them maintained and you will be happy. We just got a 2011 and it is a screamer!

Feb 24, 2012
Best Bike
by: eddie

Yes, yes, yes if you are a racer you can not beat the ktm 65. But if you are not a racer the best 65 for the money is the kx 65 by Kawasaki. Less money, long lasting, good handling, goooood play bike!

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