Is Motocross Dying

by Bob Lawrence
(Weirsdale, fl.)

I haven't spectated a mx race since the 4 stroke engine was pushed on the riders. On 1-27-13 I went to Gainsville, Florida Gatorback Track to watch the final races of the Winter-ams. The attendance for spectating was close to zero! Fifteen or so years ago these Winter-ams were packed.

The reliability of the 4 stroke motor has improved a great deal since their introduction into motocross but will never equal the reliability and low maintenance cost and simplicity of a 2 stroke motor! It seams as though the big Japanese 4 have not seen the long term results of their ways.

Mx in general has deteriorated to phony stadium tracks for full track viewing and not the original natural terrain of a great outdoor course. I'm sure the us economy hasn't helped. The old days had more powerful bikes for longer races! Oh those great open 500cc 2 strokes! What is happening to our world? Ya can't expect things to last forever can ya?

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