Isometrics Is All Good

by Zac

I've been using isometrics for a few years now along with my Karate training and I think it's great. At first I thought it was a bit strange because I couldn't get my head around building muscle and strength without actually moving your arms/legs/body etc.. But once you know how to do the right techniques, and then actually do them, you can gain awesome strength from it.

I was practicing out at Pleasant Hill last Autumn when I got thrown off my bike over some whoops. I went over the bars and ended up breaking my wrist. The cool thing was that I could still train the rest of my (broken) arm and body while it was in a cast so I didn't lose all my strength over those few weeks.

I use it as part of my fitness training for motocross as well, but I need to find some good leg techniques. Do you know some? It's good to hear of other people using it cause it's better than spending hours in the gym sweating and grunting with all the beef cakes in there.

Nice work with the site by the way, keep it up.


- Thanks Zac.

Ha! I know what you mean about the 'beef cakes' in the gym, they're great entertainment though. I've used the gym for years but now I do all my strength training at home using Isometrics, and I do it in a fraction of the time I used to spend in the gym... with better results and little to no aching muscles the next day! Imagine :)

Paul O'Briens program I've mentioned above is what I use and he's got a full list of exercises on there for your legs. To be honest I haven't really used his leg techniques yet cause I've been snowboarding for the last few months, but I'm confident they'll be as good as the other techniques of his that I have used.


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