It's a Toss Up

by Roger Lobb
(Muskogee, OK)

I've always ridden two strokes and loved them - the explosive hit, the sound, everything. But a couple of years ago I threw my leg over a RMZ 450.. I was amazed at the amount of power the bike offered. It pulled down low, in the middle, and had a very decent top end. Yes it's packing a few more pounds, but when do you really feel it? It pretty much all goes away when you're in motion. It's also good that you run straight fuel, no premixing. On the other hand when it comes to maintenance time it's very costly to do a top end job, and it's a lot more complicated than a two stroke. Other than that, and that annoying sound "baaaaaaaaaaaa" they are very nice bikes, but for now I will have to stick with my trusty two.

Long live two strokes.


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