It's Senseless To Argue - You're Missing The Point


Yea, it's a heated debate and always has been. I've ridden/raced 2-strokes for 20 years and now ride a thumper. Most young guys love to hate on em, (read most of these posts!). They don't realize their riding styles will change, unless they plan on giving up riding on their 40th b-day. Personally, that's not an option!

I usually ride national forest trails, but I also take trips to Moab, New Mexico, Colorado, etc. The smooth power delivery and tractor-like climbing ability of my WR is priceless in steep, technical terrain. I've watched 2-strokes struggle in situations you can't just blast through, where I'm able to motor up at a controllable pace. It's all relative, I'd get eaten alive on a motocross track, but that's not the type of riding I do.

I still love the powerband of a 2-stroke in that setting, so I think it's closed-minded to just say either bike sucks. There are many types of riding and none of them are age-restricted. I ride with a few 20-somethings who own both for just that reason.

I totally disagree with eliminating the production of 2-strokes. Give the people what they want - and many riders don't want 4-strokes. Even though I prefer thumpers, I still appreciate 2-strokes and would hate to see them disappear. The dirt bike world was built on 2-strokes. It's great that things have evolved and riders now have many mount choices, lets keep it that way!

- Well said mate! You are absolutely right - both the 2 strokes and the 4 strokes have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on what type of riding you want to do. I did a lot of big sand dune riding back home on my RM 250 which was fun. But, after having a blast on my brothers CRF 450 I must say it was pretty awesome to have all that grunt and traction in the soft stuff! In certain areas it definitely improved my riding abilities, almost straight away. What we need and what we are really talking about right here is, we want both types of bike as an option... the right to choose.


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Nov 08, 2009
I Agree With You (kinda)
by: Anonymous

I agree with you. BUT... I prefer the use of two strokes any day because of this reason... NOISE! The decibels coming out of those engines carry so far, that the local tracks around where I live are being shut down due to noise complaints when the 205F's or the 450F's run.

My house is 3 miles away from the nearest track, and I can hear the race going on at my house, and now it's become such an issue, that my local track is being shut down. Silencers haven't done enough to prevent this from happening, so if you want to ruin the sport of motocross, I'm sorry to tell you dude, but 2 strokes are the only thing that's gonna save the sport form grouchy neighbors who hate the noise, the EPA, and the riders like me who refuse to even touch 4 stroke engines.

Apr 13, 2009
Give Riders a Choice!
by: Anonymous

Nice to know some riders can appreciate both motors. IMO eliminating availability of either bike would be a sad day. Both have desirable points. I hate to think of new riders not being able to experience both worlds and decide which they prefer.
I ride a 4-stroke, my brother rides a 2-stroke, it's always fun to switch off for a couple of hours. Ridin the same terrain on a thumper and a 2-stroke are totally different experiences and require different riding techniques. I think spending time on both, will only expand your abilities. Not to mention, the (usual) jabs between riders keep it interesting and both bikes get their day in the sun. That just adds a little friendly

Apr 06, 2009
Well Stated Anonymous!
by: jeff flick

I happen to be the most hardcore 2-stroke fan around & I appreciate the fact that you totally disagree with eliminating the production of 2-strokes!

I have been riding on the east coast most of my life & I love the tight trails all around the Appalachian Mountains & the Hatfeild/McCoy trail system. I've also rode on a few out door MX tracks in Ohio & Indiana.

I hate to admit this but when I owned my Suzuki RM-125 back in 1991, I was climbing a fairly steep hill climb & ended up digging myself in a rut while my buddy climbed right on by me on his Honda XR-2oo! For about the next 5-yrs, I hated 2-strokes. But after owning a couple of older & junkie 4-strokes I ended up going back to my roots & bought a 1997 RM-250. I installed a steahly flywheel weight, put a FMF gnarly pipe on it & I haven't had any problems on that hill climb since! However I can't argue with the fact that the the 4-strokes - especially the newer models - have unstoppable torque & traction!

I now currently own a 2009 KTM-300xc 2-stroke & it seems to be the perfect bike for me. It actually, believe it or not has LOTS of torque much like a 4-stroke! It's a great ride for my 38year old bones, I call it my electric start 3-STROKE! LOL

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