Jumping & Forks Banging?

by Cormac

Whats up, just wondering about hitting jumps for the first time. There's a tiny little lump in the middle of a field out the back of my house and I hit it legs gripped standing blah blah and the front end keeps dropping down unless I give a good pull on the bars and start to wheelie up and over the darn thing. What is up with that? Is it to do with the sag or do I have a lot of learning to do?

Also, when I go up a little lump or curve or do a little wheelie the forks fully extend and make a bang. They fully extend not compress or bottom out or anything like that.


- Hi Cormac.

With the jump.. it sounds like it has only a small upramp. Small jumps with relatively steep faces will kick the back wheel up into the air as the front passes then the rear wheel hits it. The problem is most likely to do with the shape of the jump or lip itself, as you should be able to 'glide' over a jump without gassing it.

Your forks sound like they need attention by a mechanic. I bet they haven't had anything done to them for years. Sounds like there's no oil in them. Take them to a bike mechanic and get the seals and oil changed - you'll be amazed at the difference!

Hayden -

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Mar 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

I just had new seals and oil done on my YZ 426. Made a huge difference. Also if you're letting off the gas just before you hit the jump that will also throw the rear off. Try and give it some gas when you hit the top.

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