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I am looking at purchasing a second hand dirt bike. A lot of advertisements talk about how many kilometers or hours a bike has done.

How do I judge when a bike has done too many hours or kilometers? What's the average etc?

Many thanks.

- Good questions, but there is no perfect answer. The hours or kilometers done act as a guide as to how much work the bike has done, therefore how worn the bike's engine and parts may be. The more hours or kms done - the more worn the bike probably is.

You have to keep in mind of course that a properly maintained dirt bike that has done 100 hours will most likely be a much better and more reliable bike than one that has only done 30 hours but has been thrashed and neglected.

Also, some bikes, especially the bigger four stroke thumpers like the XR 650's, can pump out a lot more km's and hours than other smaller engined dirt bikes. So you can't expect to judge the quality of a second hand bike exclusively by its hours or kms done.

If you're looking at a motocrosser then anything that's done over 100 hours is getting on a bit in my mind, but that doesn't mean you can't find a good one that's had engine rebuilds and is in great condition.

Good luck!

Hayden -

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