KTM 125 2003 - Seized But Loving It

by Alex Gaisford

The day I picked it up and how I travel to race meetings!

The day I picked it up and how I travel to race meetings!

Well I bought my KTM 125 just over a year ago and have loved it every time I've ridden it! I have raced about half a season on it and am half way through my second season now.

After my first season I gave the bike to a mate to get it re-built and he had a look over the whole bike. He set up the suspension and all the little bits on there and I was very happy with it. It now handles soooo much better and goes better, until recently when halfway through a race it decided to seize the bottom end solid.

It has taken me 2 months to afford the parts and get them fitted and has completely ruined my chances of a new bike. Other people complain about prices of things and I just read the article about the 09 crf 250 and he's saying about how his numbers are made from electrical tape and he doesn't know the meaning of budget racing! I get trundled along to meets with my bike on the back of my dads old rover and put on my bargain bucket kit and go have a great time!

As for the bike it has never let me down mid race (except for seizing) and has been a great first bike for me. Once I had it set up properly it is a fantastic handling bike and goes really well!

One problem that I have had is my gear lever. Apparently this is common on KTM's because of the design and usually results in me being stuck in 4th gear at the bottom of a steep hill with no hope of ever making it. The only solution for this is to locktite and then lock wire the bolt in. Other than that I have no complaints about this bike, and considering I paid about £900 for it it has served me well!

- Ain't it amazing what some fine tuning to your suspension setup can do?! For a second hand bike for £900 you can almost expect a bottom end blowout at some stage, but once you repair it (properly) it will be all good to go again for a long time. Cheers for sharing.

Hayden -

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Jan 20, 2012
The Thing About 2-Strokes
by: Jeff Flick

Two-stroke MX & SX bikes are more reliable & durable than they've ever been! Since you race the 125 on a fairly regular basis it will more than likely need a top end rebuild every year, which isn't bad at all considering the cost of a top end rebuild on a 250 or 450 4-stroke.

I think your Katoom is a very nice ride & worth taking very good care of the ol' 2-stroker. If you regularly clean & oil the air filter, after every weekend race as well as change the gear oil @ least once a month or 2 months, & keep all of the fluids full and clean your KTM-125 will last you nearly a lifetime.

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