KTM 500 mx - Wish I Never Sold It

by Bill Peel
(Tucson, az)

The Beast

The Beast

I had a new 1991 KTM 500mx. I got it from a friend after I sold a highly trick Honda cr500. Anyway, this bike was too much for my friend so I purchased it brand new for $3000.

A long story short, 500 class soon went bye bye, not many open class riders anymore, and then the nail in the coffin - no more 2 strokes. It just destroyed me and I still get driven to tears when I think about it.

What I would give for the old days. I really loved that KTM. I was able to get some trick parts for it at the 1991 Glen Helen USGP. The bike ripped and it was very cool because you did not see too many of them. Wish I had it back.

- Have you considered the Honda or Kawasaki 500af models that are in production today? They look sick! I didn't even realize KTM once made these 500cc two strokes.

I've added an image so the younger ones (and people like me) can see what they look like.

Hayden -

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Jun 04, 2012
KTM 500
by: jesse

I just picked up a 92 from a guy that had it in storage since 1998. Next to it there was a 97 cr500... long story short I have 1000cc in my garage for under 1k... I love them! I wish they had a class where I ride.

Feb 17, 2012
KTM 500 enduro
by: Anonymous

My last bike was a KTM 500. I sold it - still kicking my self. 65 horse yeha!!

Dec 25, 2011
KTM Produced a 550cc 2-Stroke Years Ago
by: Jeff Flick

I'm pretty sure it was in the late "80's" &/or the early "90's" KTM had a 550cc. 2-stroke desert bike! I've never ridden one but sure would like to find a used one to buy!

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