KTM 65 Top End Problems

by Gary

Hello I recently had the engine in my sons 65 rebuilt. All put back together and I am having problems with no top end. I took the head back off thinking I may have used the wrong size gasket since KTM uses several different sizes I measured Top Dead Center and that is good. I put new gas repacked the exhaust and still I have to pull start it and it wont hit top end it just sputters around the yard. I also replaced one side of the reeds,the other looked good.

I was thinking the magneto and stator may have a problem since it seems like a timing issue, there is some adjustment I have been messing with in the stator.

I am still having problems and wondered if anyone with a KTM 65sx has experienced this same problem?

Thank you.

- Gary Michigan.

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May 01, 2012
by: phil

Hey we had a problem with a ktm 85 (after a rebuild), - no top end. It was the reeds. We had put new ones in but for some reason they didn't work. Put the olds back and away it went. Maybe you have the same problem.

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