KX 85 Flooding When Petrol Is Turned On

by Brad
(Dartford Kent)

I have a kx 85 2005 model. When I turn the petrol on it floods through every overflow pipe on the carb.

- Sounds like the float inside may be stuck or out of it's normal position/correct setting. Have you tried laying the bike over on it's side with the fuel tap open? It could be full of crap which is blocking it up. Either way you've got a carby problem. Your bike's a few years old anyway so if I was you I'd take it to my local mechanic to check and tune the carby. You'll find your bike will run a whole lot better! And it shouldn't cost much to get it done.

When you get it sorted can you give us an update so other riders with similar problems know what to do? Cheers.

Hayden -

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Aug 09, 2011
Re to KX 85 Flooding
by: Anonymous

Not sure when this was posted, but yes it is a carb problem. My bike has done this too.. before I put in a fuel filter (high flow). My issue was the needle rod that runs through the float valve that controls the fuel flow in to the float bowl. The needle rod can't make a seal because there was a speck of dirt in the float valve.

I took out the carb, (disconnecting from fuel line), took off the bottom section (float bowl) of the carb, took the float off (by sliding out the pivot pin), removed the needle rod and blew out the carb (blow form the fuel line "in").

Hope this helps


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