Light Weight and ON the Pipe!

by Dan Larson
(Mesa, AZ. U.S.)

08' 200 xcw

08' 200 xcw

As far as Enduros and Hare Scambles go, the top guys are winning on 2-strokes. I myself race a 200 xcw and pass a lot of the 450's. I think they get lazy because the bike lets them get lazy.

There's nothing like the adrenaline-pumping sound of a 2t on the pipe for a hour and a half Hare Scamble! I think 4t's are complicated, loud and very boring. Maybe when I'm in my sixties I might go with a 4t but will most likely go with a KTM 300.

Final Note: I like racing against 450's because they are so loud they don't even know I'm there and most of the time it's too late for them to even put up a fight!

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Mar 28, 2009
What a Wicked, Sweet Ride You Have There!
by: jeff flick

That '08 KTM 200xcw in the pic you sent is awesome! There's no doubt in my mind that I would much rather race that 2-stroke in any off-road race than a heavy energy draining 4-choker!

I recently watched Nathan Kanney decimate every 4-choker in a GNCC race! In fact he was the only rider in that race on a 2-stroke! He was on his KTM 300 xc. I wish all off-road racers as well as the weekend riders would get it in their heads that 2-strokes are the way to go... & go FAST off-road. I think 4-chokes belong on the street & maybe the occasional hill climb,but NOT in off-road races or motocross!

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