Limited Options

by Chris
(Hot Springs, Ar)

Man, without 125 two strokes that leaves nothing in between an 85cc and a 250cc. I know Honda makes the CRF150r, but it's little, like a pit bike. I want a full size bike that weighs less than 230 pounds. Why can they not get these bikes to weigh less? I understand the emissions problem with 2 strokes, but four strokes need to trim some fat.

- Thanks Chris.

I think the more they try and 'trim the fat' on the new four strokes, the more high performance the bikes become... therefore creating this whole scenario of high performance / high maintenance four stroke engines. The four stroke engine will always be heavier than an equivalent sized two stroke engine.

Hmmmm... maybe instead of trying to create a lighter 4 stroke engine, why don't they work on the new, lower emission two stroke engine? It seems to me that the companies that are still producing and improving two stroke dirt bikes are ultimately going to come out on top. The demand is most definitely there!


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Feb 11, 2010
KTM 150
by: Spencer H.

KTM makes a full size 150 2-stroke that might fit what you want. It was featured in this months edition of Motocross Action Magazine.

Feb 19, 2009
by: jeff flick

Sir, Hayden is absolutely correct. The more fat they trim off the 4-strokes, the more high maintainence they will become and they're already pretty high to maintain as well as expensive to keep up!

I certainly do not hate 4-strokes but they are making a sport most of us love an elitist sport. Not to mention making a recreation I personally love way too expensive for the common men and women who love to ride more than reaching in their wallets to make needed repairs!

I know as well as Hayden does that the technology is out there & a lot of it is there to make 2-strokes better while still keeping them cost competitive! The KTM 300's have been jokingly referred to as 3-strokes, due to the fact that they have unmatched torque & can climb hills as well as 4-strokes while still being a competitive 2-stroke. Hence, they're not 4-strokes but they can still do everything a 4-stroke can. So they're referred to as a 3-stroke - the best of both worlds.

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