Long Live 2 Strokes

by John
(Las Vegas, NV)

Two strokes may pollute more and may be noisier than 4 strokes, but nothing compares to the hit of the powerband and the sound these motors make when they do. I think they are so much more fun to ride and they usually cost less to rebuild compared to 4 strokes.

I grew up riding two strokes (dirt bikes, karts, go-peds), and pretty much anything that had a two on it. I can't stand the laws that a$$&^*@s come up with trying to kill 2 strokes. If they really feel like doing something with pollution, there are a million other things they could mess with. I wish they (lawmakers, EPA, people against twos) would just leave things alone and stop trying to police everything people want to do.

I couldn't believe it when I heard they were going to stop production of Yamaha Banshees' in 06'. I figured they would build them forever, considering how kick-ass they were. I found out somewhere that the main reason the Banshee died was because it couldn't pass the EPA's stupid new emission requirements.

I have always loved 2 strokes and always will. Don't get me wrong, I like 4 strokes also but there is nothing like a two stroke. Long live 2 strokes.

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