Manufacturers are Killing 2 Strokes Due to Cost

by Sean
(New York)

Environmental concerns are the PC reason for mfg's to phase out 2 strokes; however, it is more likely due to reduced R&D costs. 4 strokes are used more extensively across their product lines, especially for a company like Honda, and therefore R&D efforts whether in cars, lawnmowers, watercraft, or bikes can be used across the product line.

That being said, I own a 2007 KX250 2 stroke, love the sound and smell of 2 strokes, and hope that they are not completely phased out (although they likely will be). I also recognize the benefits 4 strokes offer and have been considering one more and more as I get older and look for ways to remain competitive on the track.

Furthermore, the AMA should be ashamed of the growing list of unethical roles they have played that have been in direct conflict with their members best interest and safety.

- Right on Sean. The AMA needs a good slap to the cheek.


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