Me And My 2005 Crf450x

by Matt Schmidt
(Salem, Oregon, U.S.A.)

OHV School of Dirt Dictionary

Freetimer – n., a person that loves to ride but has to work and only rides on their time off. Generally, not necessarily a rule, a Freetimer has a family and a budget. A real Freetimer would give up a paid career in a heartbeat to earn money riding.

I am a Freetimer; I would not be classified as a Professional or an Amateur racer. I would be a 40 year old beginner if I started riding today. I have ridden many terrains and numerous; Street Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Quads, 3 Wheelers, Dune Buggies and 4 Wheel Drive vehicles. My experiences span over 20 years of seat time, when I wasn’t working.

Just recently I have started riding on tracks, I emphasize on the term riding not racing. Another area that I have a lot to learn about is the general mechanical abilities that it takes to maintain and care for my machines, to try and stay within my given budget to allow me to still have riding money.

The OHV School of Dirt has a high drop out rate and the courses will span your lifetime. During these endless semesters I have learned countless things, the first and most reoccurring is that I don’t really know that much at all. Let me expand on this:

Areas I don’t know very much:

- Mechanical knowledge
- Riding Technique
- Cornering
- Jumping
- Modifications

I do know how to get from one spot to the next, not always with style, speed or confidence, but I ride instinctively and manage to get where I want to go. Every time that I; ride, read or watch, I do learn and gain from every mud hole, rock, bump and bruise. This continuous growth happens to us all with the most learning impact attributed to seat time.

Magazines, Websites and the Few TV shows can be used as a great resource for everyone to benefit from. I have started a new blog,, for Freetimers like myself to share their experiences and my experiences, relating to normal riders on a budget and may contribute to cost savings, less pain and more seat time. I have accepted that I will never earn a living racing my Bike; I will however, Live when I ride it!

- Matt, I love it! Well said.

Keep Riding

Hayden -

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