Mislead About 2 stroke vs 4 stroke

Dear Sir or Ma'am,

Did you re-read your comment? You stated that the 4 stroke made the same power as the 2 stroke, and so on. This thought process is what is hurting the 2 stroke. People who do not consider that the 4 stroke in the discussion is either twice the size of the 2 stroke, or close to it are lost and drinking the kool-aid. If the 4 strokes were better they would be racing size for size. Why has the big 4 said that if a 250 2 stroke is allowed to race against 250 four strokes in the AMA pro class, they would all leave and take their money with them?

The 2 stroke is inherently a superior machine, they are lighter, build power similar to a 4 stroke that is twice their size, as you stated. Costs a fraction to rebuild and on that note, they can be ridden and raced as they start to wear out. A 4 stroke top end does not wear out, they EXPLODE!

The 2 strokes also start after the motor is killed and the person racing the 2 stroke who may fall or stall the motor does not lose a dozen or so places while he's trying to start it, like the 4 stroke boys do.

Motorcycle riders used to be rebels, now many of them are followers and they are dictated not by what they want or know is better, but by people who hate 2 strokes. The old adage about, companies will make what the people want is no longer true. Many have fought and are still fighting to keep the 2 stroke but the big 4 are forcing us to buy their machines or we go without or we look elsewhere. Take KTM for example, they reported that in 2008 and 2009, their biggest sellers were the 2 strokes.

- Sir or Ma'am.

Thanks for taking the time to write but maybe it is you who should re-read what you have just written and lay off the kool-aid?

A four stroke can most definitely make the same power as a two but I never said that the same size cc can produce the same power. This is what I said.. "Their power to weight ratio is almost on par with the 2 strokes - and I simply mean in terms of how a 450cc four stroke is now a lot closer to the weight of a 250cc two stroke, but puts out a similar amount of speed and power."

- Hayden

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Nov 10, 2013
Yes And No Hayden
by: Anonymous

2/4-strokes equal power for equal capacity? Only in trails/enduro, where sheer power isn't the biz.

4-strokes were only used in 250 mx in 50's when 2-stokes were regarded as 'amusing' under-powered smoke-bombs. Improving materials allowed the 2-strokes to take over 250 mx. "But they'll never oust the big bikes," the pundits grumbled. In '66 Lindstrom proved big-bore reliability, leading to the big 400 Husky killing-off 4-strokes in '68 despite having equal power (33 bhp at gearbox).

Then we worked-out how to increase suspension to deal with ever-increasing rougher tracks and the few 4-stokes still around were relegated to pottering around on their own, as 'amusing relics'. HVA were good as they were raced at weekends by the engineers who designed them.

I'd love to ride the new Husaberg 'weird engine' 4-stroke MX, built and raced by the same HVA-engineers. I'd NEVER ride something designed by a Jap sitting at a computer who has never SEEN a real bike!

Jun 25, 2012
2 Strokes Forever
by: Anonymous

I have a 99 cr125 2-stroke and it has never let me down. I smoke my friends 450 out of the turns. There isn't any power lag like a four stroke and yes it is a lot lighter. I will never buy a bomb to ride on, like these new 4's. It is sad you spend 4 or 5 grand on a new 4 stroke and a few hours you have to rebuild the motor. LONG LIVE 2-STROKES!!

May 09, 2011
2-Stroke Smoke vs 4-Stroke Joke
by: 4-StrokeJoke

Ya 4-strokes have gotten much lighter but they still have a heavier and higher center of gravity (not good in road racing). And ya they have low end for the steady long haul, but off the line and off the turn they are no match for the 2-stroke power band (that IS road racing).

Not to mention the heavy load of braking and therefore longer braking times. That means going into AND coming out of the turn (silly's).

The ONLY reason that racers are jumping on them is because manufacturers are phasing out 2-strokes, and the ONLY reason that they are phasing them out is because of the fact that you can't register 2-strokes anymore because of their pollution (Sales department lobbying).. And their reliability (lobbying from the manufactures parts department, F&#$%ing business and govt. twats). No sale... no production (and in turn no engineering).

My humble, little RZ 350 has been bloWIIIIING AWAY late model, in line fours on spontaneous road races for as long as I can remember, and still will. You can't touch me off the line and you can't pass me afterwards. If I pulled up to your GP bike with a little ol 500cc 2-stroke and a bet for pink slips, if you were knowledgeable and in your right mind, you'd be scared!

If engineering had been focused on 2-stroke road racing instead of big-headed 4-strokes, the times would be sooooo much quicker than they are now. Light Speed!

2-stroke smoke. 4-stroke joke!


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