Mixed Feelings

I currently ride a 2006 KX 250 and love it! I have been considering a 09 KX 450 because of the fuel injection, but the cost of a top end alone is scary. And I certainly love the thrill of a powerband on a 2 smoke.

I don't know if I could ever change, I'd feel like I was cheating on my Trixie (the 06 KX). Yes it has a name, I love it that much lol!

- Ha classic! I'm the same as you mate. My old bike was called Suzy (RM 250). Just last week I bought a 08 YZ 250 with 10 hours on the clock.. And he rides awesome. No surprises I call him my boy 'Blue'. I love my bikes enough to name em too.

I love the 2 bangers, and I don't see myself changing. I gave my mate a ride on it a few days ago (he rides a RMZ 450 07) and he got off brimming ear to ear with a huge smile! Reckons he wants to get one and loved how it rode.

Hayden -

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