Modern 4 Strokes Can Be Reliable

by Dave Lockyer

The most common themes seem to be rebuild costs. Modern 4 strokes can be very reliable if oil and air filters are regularly changed and you don't spend all day bouncing them off the rev limiter. When the inevitable rebuild happens chuck the titanium valves for stainless steel and use a quality aftermarket piston (high comp).

We have raced a Honda crf250r and currently KTM250sxf both for 2 years each with one rebuild. They have both been front running bikes with the trophies to prove it.

However I love a good 2 stroke. The joy of running KTM 85s against all those 150 Hondas while the owners poured mega bucks into trying to catch us.

Only 2 stroke in the shed at the moment is a Sherco 250 trials, no powerband there.

Personal favorite is my KTM 450 sxf - has not had a spanner on it.

VOR 400 enduro, reliable as a brick without an oil pump!

Still miss the 360 Husky though.

For the older guys who remember sitting on the side of the track with a loaded up 2 stroke blubbering away while everyone rode by.

Would like my old RM370 back. If it's a dirt bike it has got to be fun.

Road bike - Ducati always.

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Aug 31, 2010
by: Anonymous

My buddy races all Kawi's. He has two 450's a practice bike and his race bike. They each get a top end rebuild every twenty hours at the most because they really do start to lose their power. We can rebuild it once, maybe twice without putting a timing chain on and it would cost an astonishing amount to do if he didn't get parts at cost.

May 10, 2010
Four Strokes Blow
by: heede

Well a four stroke top end rebuild = $1000, and a two stroke = $200. I can have my two stroke rebuilt five times to your one and in the end the same power.

Four strokes have a lot less power to manage coming out of the corner. I think most people are just tired of managing that two stroke wheel spin and hit out of those corners.

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