Motocross 2 Stroke

by Stephen Ball

What I want to know is, how can we get the 2 stroke market going again? If manufactures like Honda and Kawasaki are dropping 2 strokes like we have seen, which company is going to boost and support 2 stroke technology? I myself would invest and start producing new 2 stroke technology but I havn't got the 30 plus years motocross bike producing experience.

I am a keen motox rider and started racing Honda CR125cc bikes, no new ones now. I think the big manufactures have taken the wrong path on this one. Support 2 strokes please Honda!!!

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Sep 18, 2009
Buy 2T And Support 2T Manufacturers
by: Anonymous

Best way for us customers to push the future of 2T the right way is to BUY them, from 2T friendly companies.

No 1 is KTM!! Then we have Husky, TM, Maico, GasGas and maybe Yamaha. KTM sells more 2T 300cc bikes than any other of their models.

The WEC (World Enduro Championship) is seeing a switchback to 2T bikes and this is top racing. The Open class E3 this year has 5 out of the top 6 280-300cc 2T!!! It's Husky, KTM and GasGas ruling the woods... =)

Jan 10, 2009
by: jeff flick

Mr Ball, the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM would be the first company I would look into about boosting 2-stroke sales as well as technology. They already have about 13 or 14 2-stroke dirt bikes that are getting better & better each year, from 50cc minis all the way up to two 300's! I personally will not buy anything but a 2-stroke!

Also, BRP, the company that makes Can-Am 4-wheelers, albeit not 2-stroke ones has several other applications like snowmobiles & outboard engines that are pretty hi-tech. I know ATK out of Utah was experimenting with some big bore 2-stroke dirt bike engines. However I think they had a deal with Maico out of Germany in 2003 & I know their 2-strokes are rather dated & expensive due to the dollar to euro exchange rate! The only other company that comes to mind is Husqvarna who is now owned by BMW.

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