Motocross Park Idea For North Queensland

by Cameron Earl

Hi my name is Cameron, and I'm interested to see what feedback I get from this post. I am currently looking at building a motocross park in North Queensland and want to see how many people want one up here.

What would I have to go through to get it up and running? I will have approx 60-100 acres to use. I would develop it over a 5 year plan and want to see what support I can get from locals and the government.

It would be located at Gumlu witch is located 1.5 hours drive from Townsville. It would have a camping ground, a food facility, toilets showers etc. Please help. I have looked into insurance that would be $500 a week minimum.

I currently reside in Townsville and there aren't many places to ride which is why I have come up with this plan.

- Sounds like a plan Cam! I like it. Who's from up that way that would be able to help Cam out or put forward some good ideas?

Hayden -

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May 31, 2013
We're Looking To Start The Same Thing
by: Joker Racing

First of all.. GOOD LUCK WITH IT! My partner and I are wanting to do the same thing in Central West NSW or North NSW (well, both if we get enough financial backing). We have a few extra ideas too that would definitely help keep visitors happy.

We currently live in CW NSW and with the local tourism economy and surrounding mining operations, we KNOW we're on a winner. Between us we've run companies and businesses, have plenty of plant equipment experience, mechanical trades and we're both 'Jacks-of-all-trades', and 4 kids.

And that's where we got stuck, nobody wants to lend us money to start this up (even though this will be a really great way to not only cater to the tourists and miners, but to also support our local dirt bike fans) or to even lease out enough land. We know the constraints we face with council and EPA regulations and have all that covered.

I'm just wondering if it's possible to start one of those foundation projects (everyone donates some money and if the money raised or project isn't completed on time they get their money back) is the way to go? How much support is really out there? If we could raise say $5,000 (I'm not asking anyone to really pay now, but if you would actually part with cash then please reply) from this site, then we will start the foundation project for reals :D and EVERYONE who donates, would of course get free track days each year. So just putting the idea out there..

Sep 30, 2012
I'm IN!!
by: Scoot

Whatever help you need to get this up and running let me know. My father and my son and daughter all ride with me and a facility such as what you are hoping for would be unbelievable.

Apr 06, 2012
What Are You Waiting For...
by: crystal

Just wondering if anything has come of this idea? My husband and I would be very interested in giving support anyway we could. Please email me with more info.

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