Moving to Oz And Racing

by Lewis McLeary

Hi my name is Lewis McLeary. I am 9yrs old & I ride a KTM 50sx in auto/cadet class here in Britain. I have a 2010 ktm 50 and have just got my brand new 2011 KTM 65. I compete up and down Britain and my family are thinking of re-locating to WA in the near future but racing is the one thing we are not willing to give up. I am just looking for some info on how you guys do it and some of your knowledge of where to practice and race etc..

Many thanks,

Lewis #8

- Hi Lewis. Watch out WA huh?! I'm pretty sure most places in Australia including WA have a pretty big dirt bike scene. There are a few clubs in the Australian directory here that you can look at to get you started - . If anyone from WA can offer some advice, please do.

Hayden -

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