Mr President Wants To Ban Two Strokes!

by wxiiir

Two strokes are funner to ride in my opinion, but in order to make a better world we all have to make sacrifices and stop bitching about it.

Yes it's fair that a 450cc four stroke can compete with a 250cc 2 stroke, in fact it would be even better if a 500cc 4 stroke could and I will explain why.. 2 strokes because of smaller displacement can be lighter and smaller, a two stroke engine effectively has 2 power strokes during the same time the 4 strokes only have one. If a 2 stroke 250cc bike would beat a 4 stroke 500cc bike that would mean the 2 stroke is more efficient in terms of power to fuel, which they're not.

If I was a President of a country, besides liking a lot of 2 strokes, I would outlaw them completely because it has to be done.

P.S. If a new kind of two stroke (that was as efficient as a 4 stroke) appeared, I would still outlaw the old two strokes. But not the new kind of two strokes, I would encourage them actually because of same efficiency with lighter weight and cheaper to buy.

- Hmmmm.. As a two stroke lover, all I'll say is I'm glad you're not likely to become President.

Hayden -

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Aug 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

That was one of the dumbest comments I have ever read that relates to the 2 vs 4 stroke debate. Thank you for sharing some of the worst arguments I have ever heard for allowing 4 strokes to compete in the 2 stroke classes, and for the ridiculous and complete BS of 2 stroke efficiency.

I knew that I should have quit reading as soon as I saw the word "funner", but I figured I could at least continue to read for the humor value, and you didn't disappoint. Thank you again for sharing some stupid with everyone.

Aug 04, 2012
Ban 2 Stokes, How Foolish
by: Anonymous

Ban 2 strokes? What an idiotic thing to say. You obviously don't know about freedom or choice. Also 2 strokes are more efficient than ever before. 2 strokes make almost double the power as their 4 stroke counterpart. 2 strokes used to be used in cars. 4 strokes are more efficient for cars.

Perhaps you should learn about freedoms etc. before you foolishly state that you want to ban something because ignorant people think it's cool. Perhaps ear rings for men should be banned because they make you look like a jackass.

May 01, 2012
My Response
by: Anonymous

- Anonymous. Wow what can I say to that?! What have I done so far you ask? To do what? You over analyze things far too much my friend. I have never said I was here to save the world from pollution. It seems that is what your goal once was. My discussions about 2 vs 4 are based on performance and maintenance issues regarding dirt bikes - not millions of scooters clogging up cities.

And for someone who claims to know so much about the topic, you should check up on the facts. There are actually two stroke engines that are cleaner burning than most fours.

And you say "as a 2 stroke lover I already done my part in trying to save them." What was that exactly? Thinking of ideas on how to make a better engine? Ideas that you said yourself that you abandoned? Right.. Truly inspiring.

On a final note (because this thread ends here) you want us to stop "ridicularizing something as serious as this.."? How can I take that comment seriously?!

Hayden -

Apr 26, 2012
To Hayden
by: Anonymous

You shouldn't feel glad as I probably have the same odds of becoming a president as you do.

Old 4 strokes are being slowly outlawed all over the world (for example, motorized vehicles prior to the year of 1996 are prohibited from circulating in some zones of our capital, Lisbon, because the air quality was getting so horrible), 2 strokes are slowly being outlawed as well.

On a side note: I live 30km from Lisbon and every day from where I live I can see a brown/gray cloud engulfing it and all the people that live there are breathing this s**t on a daily basis. Everytime I go to Lisbon and stick around for 3 or 4 hours I get a sore throat that will last me to the next day. If I lived there I would be used to it and that wouldn't happen frequently but what this means is that you may think that everything is alright if you don't have immediate physical symptoms but it's really not the case.

For a long time I wanted to save the two strokes and for that I began thinking about ways to make a more complete combustion cycle, I thought of some ways but I reckon they would be a mechanical nightmare and wouldn't bring that much of a benefit to the table so I abandoned the idea.

2 stroke engines have no place amongst the future of transportation, hell maybe even 4 strokes won't stand a chance on a 30 year long timeline.

If you are really a 2 stroke lover as you claim to be then try to save 2 strokes, try to come up with an idea that would make it as efficient as a 4 stroke. I love 2 strokes noise and the smell of mixture in the morning and that nice kick on your back when you give it the beans and as a 2 stroke lover I already done my part in trying to save them. And you, what have you done so far?

Until the present time nobody could come up with a solution for two stroke inefficiency problems including myself, that inefficiency translates in horrible air quality that will provoke or aid to provoke a lot of diseases and consequently death, air pollution is actually the 13th factor that contributes the most to death and diseases.

Think of yourself, your family, your friends and the children of all of them, do you think all of them should pay for your mistakes? You are not to blame or feel bad if you have a genuine reason as to why you use a 2 stroke motorbike other than 'because i want to'.

I share the two stroke passion with you, the difference is that I don't let it get in the way of reasoning and I just moved on.

I hope that if you and a lot of other people that didn't understand my point before will understand it now and stop ridicularizing something as serious as this.

Apr 12, 2012
Couldnt Be Further From The Truth
by: Adam

Two-stroke motors are by far better for motocross bikes. Do you want to see the fastest and most useful bikes on the course or do you want to ban the most versatile tool so the four stroke can compete. It's like making the whole varsity football team sit on the bench while the jv get to play.

Two-strokes are superior by design and shouldn't be punished for it. If this is your way of thinking maybe we should let people race air-cooled motocross bikes that are 950cc just so they compete with the faster liquids (they probably would be too heavy haha but I'm just putting it in perspective).

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