MX Fitness For The Ladies

by Ludi
(Uk (orignially from NZ))

I'm not so keen on pumping weights at the gym, so instead I do zumba toning. Here, we use weights which target a range of muscle areas mainly in the arms, legs and some ab work.

We get to choose what weight we want to work with and how intense we want our workout to be. Normal zumba classes help with cardio too :)

Just something a little different, but something I have found to be effective :)

- Thanks for sharing Ludi. I've seen the ladies (and the odd bloke) participating in these zumba classes at my gym. I can see how it would be beneficial towards riding motocross for sure. Personally, I just can't bring myself to wear tights and shake my ass around to bongo beats ;) Nothing wrong with watching though.

Hayden -

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