MX Mom - A Believer in The Leatt Brace

by Sally Pozas
(Palmdale, CA. USA)

At UCLA Med. Center

At UCLA Med. Center

Last year my then 11 yr. old son overshot a jump nose high, landed hard on the back wheel, and then the front wheel slammed down and launched him like a dart headfirst into the dirt. He was unconscious for about 6 minutes and bleeding from his nose, mouth and around his left eye. He was rushed by ambulance to the local airport and helicopter airlifted to a trauma center.

Thankfully no brain injury, but he did suffer fractured T-7 and T-8 vertebrae. These are thoracic, or upper back, vertebrae. The Doctors told us that without the Leatt brace he would have broken his neck and probably been killed. He spent 5 days at UCLA Medical Center and was fitted with a hard shell back/upper body brace.

Our Sports Chiropractor told us that the part of the Leatt that extends down the back is probably what broke those two vert. as his spine bent at that point, but prevented any damage to the higher, more delicate area of the spine.

Sorry about the complete case history, but I wanted to convey that it was a very serious and violent crash, but his neck and life were spared! He is also back to racing with no long term effect other than a little stiffness. You can bet we are huge believers in the Leatt brace. Also, the brace did not appear to be damaged in any way, but we did buy a new one.

- Please don't apologize at all Sally. Thank you for sharing that with us all. It may just save someone else's neck. It's great to hear your son is well and riding again.

Hayden -

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