My Baby 01 cr 125

by Tony Luker

It all started when I was a little kid watching my hero Travis Pastrana. I always wanted a 2 stroke, sadly I never got one my dad never liked the smokers so he always bought me 4 strokes. They never were really what I wanted or was truly proud to own but now he loves 2 strokes and I finally got my dream bike.

I always loved the sound of a 125 2 stroke, people ask me why not a 250? I just love the 125 how hard it is to ride. My CR 125 is the best bike I've ever had, I love the powerband it is unbelievable for my weight 145lbs.

She has vforce reeds and FMF Fatty Header and Pro Circuit R-304 Shorty. I wouldn't trade my bike for the best and newest 450r. She's special, anyways 2 stroke for life :)

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