My Dirt Bike Journey So Far

by Christopher

Hey guys.

I've had a lot of experience with dirt bikes. I'm 15 and have owned 7 in total. Sooo.. how it started was I was 4 years old (1 week off 5), I started on the ice, which I think everyone should learn on when they are small. I rode a peewee 50 which has lasted a long long time through 3 of my brothers and sisters. This was a 2 stroke.

My second bike was a CRF 70 Honda (4 stroke). I had this from 6-9 years old, it was fun but I didn't do much on it but go in circles.

Now this is when I started really enjoying motorbike riding. Mainly my family and some others own a block of land which is rather big. For the kiddies we have a circle track they can get dizzy on. I was over that and moved on to the harder stuff. I went trail riding in the bush, yes it was bad at the start seeing as I was falling off and was always behind my older brothers. Until my dad found a really good rider. He taught me a lot of skills and riding techniques. I grew safer and faster.

This is when my family got busy. I got a ktm 300 (2 stroke 2011). I started with this bike when I was 12. I hadn't ridden in ages and forgot everything. So here I am going around in circles on an over-powered bike for my weight. I started riding through my block and started trying my own ways, I grew up very fast then.

My dad sold my bike I has heart broken. The next time we went riding a brand new 2012 ktm 300 was waiting for me. This bike caused me a lot of pain. I went out to the dessert had a hell of a lot of fun. A lot different from riding in the bush.

That weekend we traveled to the block I was going down a hill and broke my shoulder. Till today it is broken. But I'm still riding. I now have a ktm 300, 5 gears (don't know year), this bike I have grown used to.

I am now riding more confidently, I have a greater skill range and am not lazy on the bike where I was on the 4 strokes. I am quicker through the bush than my dad and still getting faster and learning how to ride safer every time I ride.

One thing I can say 2 strokes are more 100 percent riding. You can relax on a 4 stroke and sit down in the bush, but a 2 stroke is the way to go to become more skilled and a safer rider. I have had more fun with my 300 than I have had in total of riding.

P.s wear all the safety gear, it may cost you a lot but it will save your life. I broke my shoulder when I knew my armour wasn't well fitting. For your own sake don't do what I did. It has been a year and I'm still waiting for surgery.

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