My First Race Bike - 1981 YZ465H 2-Stroke 5-Speed

by Uncle Milty
(Browns Summit, NC)

The 4-strokes achieve their maximum power rating at a much higher rpm. My 465 put out 52 hp under 7'000 RPM, and only weighed in at 229lbs. In deep, soft sand riders with greater abilities could not keep up.

The 465 did not exhibit any of the behaviors of the tiny 250's with their high strung power-band. If you were air-born and landed this bike in the wrong gear - no problem - burp the throttle and the tire would immediately break loose. I was 18 years old when I bought my 1981 YZ465H new for $1900.

All the new bikes have better suspension and brakes than the old dinosaurs no question. Why not take the 2-Strokes power advantage and drop it into a newer frame?

EPA Standards, the manufactures have no choice but to comply with. Since they sell new bikes now with 4-Stroke engines there is no desire to talk about 2-Strokes. Imagine todays technology unleashed on an engine that fires every time the piston goes down the hole!

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Feb 19, 2009
Big 2-strokes Are Hard To Beat !
by: jeff flick

Uncle Milty, I've always loved the YZ-465! It was always reliable & very affordable. I don't know if you have ever seen the 2-stroke bikes that Service Honda builds? They are a bit pricey but I like the fact that they use a new CRF-250r frame and install a brand new CR-500r 2-stroke engine in it! They will also take a Kawasaki KX-450f and install a new KX-500 2-stroke engine in the frame! It then becomes a real mans bike like the ol' YZ-465!

I sure would like to see Jimmy... I mean James Stewart scrub that beast like he does on his new YZ-450f four smoke!

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