My First Stack

by Martin Mckay
(Perth WA Australia)

I only had my Honda 250 modified race bike for a few days when this happened.

My friend & I were hitting a few of the local bike trails when it began to rain a little. My mate said we should head back before it gets any worse, but being me I wanted to ride as much as possible, so I said lets go out again.

We were hammering along the road (about 100 km) when I signaled to him to hit the dirt track that was coming up. We left the road and made our way through some wicked triples, on the last bump my front tyre came up too high and my back tyre slipped out from underneath me. I panicked and turned the wrong direction and stuck my leg out to brace my self but the whole weight of my bike and myself twisted my knee and SNAP!!

I did not drop the bike (as it was new and did not want to scratch it), so I stopped dead on the track turned every thing off and fell to the floor, this is when the pain set in... my mate came screaming around the corner and saw me leaning against a tree, thinking the worst he came running over to see what was wrong. I could not feel anything from my knee down, and it was starting to turn black and blue. About 10min of swearing my head off I climbed on my bike to make the long painful ride home.

About half way home my leg snapped back into its socket (oh the pain) and I thought cool that's it, all done. But when I woke up in the morning still black and blue my wife said you better get that looked at.

6 months later with a whole new knee put in. I pretty much destroyed every thing in my knee. I'm still having trouble riding but I'm a little bit more careful these days (only a little).

- I'm glad you didn't drop your bike Martin.


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