New To Dirt Bike Riding

by Adam

Hi, my name is Adam. I want to get into dirt bike riding. I have owned road bikes for the past few years and want to try something different. I have ridden dirt bikes before on farms and I want to get into riding trails, but I am unsure how to get into it. I'm not sure where to go or who to go with as my mates aren't into riding. Any help would be great.

I was thinking of a WR 250 would this be an OK choice?

Thanks Adam.

- Welcome to the wonderful world of dirt bikes Adam! A great place to start is with your local Off Road Motorcycle Club. Google your area or otherwise try this MX Tracks & Clubs Directory.

This is important especially for someone in your position where you don't have any mates to ride with at the moment. Join up with a club and after a few meets and rides you will begin to make friends with other riders. You'll also be able to learn from experienced riders about maintenance, riding tips and all sorts of other valuable information. Plus you'll have a stack load of fun!

A WR 250 is a great bike for the bush trails, and they're reliable. Also check out What Dirt Bike Should I Buy?

Hayden -

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