New Two Stroke Rule For Privateers in AMA Motocross

by Dave Alden
(Baytown, TX)

I'd like to see displacement rules based on engine type go away in the AMA, and I have a plausible suggestion for how to incorporate it.

For the 250 class:
Any non factory supported team, is allowed a 250cc bike with any motor and chassis configuration they can afford to field. Factory supported teams live within the current rule set.

Right? Throw the Privateers a bone! They can't have the best team with the best package so at least allow them more horsepower - 2 stroke. As a true privateer, you can't run against Geico Honda, or Pro Circuit Kawasaki. If you could, you probably couldn't sustain it. Give the privateers a chance, give'm an option. Let em try.

For the Open Class:
Any non factory supported team, is allowed a 500cc bike with any motor and chassis configuration they can afford to field. Factory supported teams live within the current rule set.

It takes more than sheer horsepower to make a good lap time, and win a 30 minute moto. 4 strokes nowadays are incredible. They are the complete package, but they're costly. Factories have as much edge now as they did back in the Works Bike Days.

As a privateer you can't field a complete package like a factory bike, but at least you could match or beat the power affordably. For a true privateer a 500cc two stroke could reduce your cost to field a more or less competitive bike. The right ignition curve can do wonders for the rideability and competitiveness of a 500cc 2 stroker. Is it as tractable as a 4 stroke? No, but it's half to 3/4's there. It could be competitive.

Factory supported Pros would still have the season advantage, but wouldn't it be nice, every once in a while to see an unknown privateer have a chance at winning a moto?

These governing bodies always clammer on about making things better for the sport. Better for the sport is allowing the newcomers some options so more could compete without a factory budget.

MX is about the cheapest motorized sport you can get into but it's quickly becoming beyond many. In 1981 you could get a cr250 Elsinore for $1200.00 out the door. Now the price of a new 450 is closing in on 10 grand.

How many potential new Bob Hannahs, David Baileys, Ricky Carmichaels, or Bubba Stewarts might never get into the sport because of the cost factor nowadays?

- That last paragraph is bang on Dave. I think 'the greater good of the sport' mindset was lost a long time ago. If the cost of competing keeps increasing at this rate the sport will be crippled. Why is it that 'the powers that be' can't see that? Surely it won't help their ticket sales, bike and gear sales etc if less and less people can afford to ride.

Hayden -

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Sep 20, 2012
by: Eric Bolhuis

Bet you would see a new class of two-smoke in the 350cc range. I still think that is about the ultimate displacement for an open class two stroke. A 350cc two stroke in a current 250f chassis would be a sweet ride..

Apr 08, 2012
An Odd Rule
by: tony thompson

I don't like the current rules, they are unfair to say the least or they cater to the factory! Why don't all 250cc and 500cc ride the same respective class, regardless of whether it's a 2 or 4 stroke? It has to be one of the dumbest rules I've seen by the AKA!

I can't afford a 4 stroke, and after market parts to help it go faster are out of this world! So after 36 yrs of riding, I'm officially done. I can no longer justify the price of a 4 stroke and I don't like riding them, never did, they just aren't the same as a 2 stroke.

I personally don't think these factory 4 stroke guys would do as well as an equivalent factory 2 stroke guy. In a sense, the factories are buying championships. Sad.

Nov 27, 2011
Old Power To The Ground
by: Anonymous

500cc two strokes in the 450 class. Looks like some privateers are getting holeshots and making the big boys ride in traffic.

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