NiMH - X

by Al
(Melbourne, Australia)

I reckon that before the next fifty years has passed you won't see two or four strokes... you will have high current, high power output, electric powered bikes. Instead of worrying about fouled spark plugs you'll be worried more about keeping your cell pack dry or 'where in the bush' the next charging station is...

It will be 'the old guys' reminiscing about the sweet smell of two stroke mixes and the young kids in fits on the floor because they won't believe such archaic 'nonsense' ever went on.

- Ha! You just might be right Al. I guess time will tell for sure. One thing I definitely agree with you on is the fact that in 50 years time our 'modern' 2010 dirt bikes WILL be old technology and nothing like a 2050 model. Whether they use electric engines or what.. who knows?


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