Nothing Like A Two-Stroke

by Chris
(Albuquerque, NM USA)

I love 2 strokes, and always will. I realize how much more efficient these modern 4-strokes are.

What for me would be the perfect 2-stroke dirt bike? Answer is a 85 Honda cr-500 engine tweaked to the max, mounted in a Honda late model 250cc 2 stroke, with that tweaked light ass aluminum frame, and an awesome after market pipe.

I don't know if it's true but the 85 cr 500 was said to be too flipping unpredictably intense, as far as that power-band. I've heard and read about how since that 85 cr500 came out, they have been de-tuning the thing after 85, 86. Anyhow, that really interests about that 85 cr.

As far as new 2-strokes, I would pick either the YZ-250, or the KTM 250. Those dam KTM's are very pricey. They're made in Austria, could that be why?

KTM stands for Kroenriff Trunkenpultz Maedenhoff. I guess the first two are from the dudes that started the company. The last is the city in Austria where they are produced.

Sorry about the spelling. That's it for now.

"More efficient these modern four strokes are.."? Faster than the old four strokes for sure but I don't know if efficient is the right word for it.

Ha... no worries about the spelling Chris. Thanks for enlightening a few readers about KTM. But if I correct your spelling I think you'll find KTM stands for Kronreif, Trunkenpolz, Mattighofen. A very nice bike indeed is the KTM 250.

Hayden -

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Oct 16, 2009
NOT That Efficient
by: jeff flick

Chris, Hayden is right by stating that efficient isn't the right word especially when talking about the modern 4-strokes. Actually the older 4-strokes were more fuel efficient. These new modern 4-strokes rev a little quicker than the older models and are considerably more powerful as well as faster!

I personally think the fact that they rev harder & faster causes them to wear out much sooner than they should. I have read a couple of tests in the dirt bike magazines & they are saying that the major Japanese manufacturers are taking care of those parts like the piston, gearing etc. that are wearing out much sooner than they should. However I would much rather buy & support the 2-stroke dirt bikes! And although they also wear out in time they are still a whole lot easier, cheaper & quicker to rebuild!

PS. Go buy a KTM-250SX or XC or a YAMAHA YZ-250 2-stroke. You can't go wrong with either one of those bikes!

Oct 14, 2009
CR 500 AF
by: Dan

You need to look into this! I believe they put a
Modern 500cc two-stroke motor into a 08' CRF
frame. I've seen quite a few guys racing them here
in AZ. A little pricey but if that's what I want
to ride that is what I will have no matter the

check out:



- Whoa! That is a sexy looking weapon indeed Dan. If that isn't enough to get two-stroke fans giggling like little school girls I don't know what is! Nice find.

Hayden -

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