Nothing Matches The Power Of A 500cc 2 Stroke

by Chris
(Lakeside ca)

I like both but feeling the raw power of a 2 stroke is an unmatched rush. 4 strokes are good for wheelies but none come close to a 500 two strokes power.

I recently got a kx 500 and I love the thing. I've ridden the 450 4 strokes and I got bored cause they're too smooth. I did enjoy how easy it was to do wheelies though. I just wish they would come out with new 2 strokes, maybe a fuel injection version so it could be turboed?

- I've never been lucky enough to wrap my legs over a 500cc 2 stroke but I can only imagine the arm-wrenching awesomeness of it. Careful on that thing Chris!

Hayden -

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