Old Husky 360 2t

I've been riding a now dated Husky 360 2t for quite some time. I will NEVER buy a 4t for any reason. I refuse to pay 2x-3x the price to rebuild a top-end for no performance gain.

Also, I have to admit that my love of 2t's comes from this Husky which will run the same spark plug through an entire season, and has only had 3 top ends in its long and hard life. I doubt a Japanese bike would take this little maintenance to keep going strong enough to spank a 450 in a drag race.

All my buddies may make fun of me, but when I show up on a 13 yr. old bike and spank them on their 1-2 yr old 450's around the track, they shut up quick!

If Husky, or even god forbid KTM, comes out with a direct injected 300cc 2t.. I will be financing one as soon as possible.

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