On The Pipe And Loving It!

by Kwacka Madd
(Hawkes Bay New Zealand)

Having ridden a small fleet of two and four stroke dirt bikes over the years I just keep finding myself coming back to the excitement of the two stroke "buzz".

Since the advent of compact thumpers ie CRF450s etc, one comment I've heard bantered around the two vs four debate is that four strokes are easy and more predictable to ride.


Another is that two strokes have no bottom end.
These people I think have never ridden a late model Kawasaki KDX200 with a KIPS valve (I have owned more than one of these steeds and currently still own one) and can loft the front with no clutch use from just above idle in 1st to 3rd gear.

I find two strokes keep you awake and honest and I found that my skill set was lacking when on a thumper. You can do the same loop the same berm and the same woop on a two stroke ten times. Hit that woop a little more on the throttle a different spot in the "band" and next thing your looking at the front guard as it rears up in front of you!

You never stop learning on a two-stroker.

Lightweight... noisy, smelly (oh that wonderful smell) ... And that feeling you get between your legs as you hit the pipe and GO GO GO!

I'm on the pipe and loving it.

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