Pouto Sand Dunes Labour Weekend - NZ

by Hayden - DBTP


The "Park" - Miles & Miles of Stunning Dunes

Dropping In

You Dream About Riding This Kind of Terrain Don't Ya?

23rd - 25th October 2010. This long weekend turned it on with warm blue skies and an abundance of varying terrain just perfect for dirt bikes.

I took my trusty 250 two banger up through Dargaville to a beautiful spot on the harbour entrance that would have most people gasping at it's awesomeness.

We spent 2 days riding on empty trails and open sand dunes right next to the ocean, looking for any type of drop off or peak that we could jump. Many jumps were found, jumped and conquered but only one got the best of us. My bro decided to jump my near new YZ 250 off a 100ft sand gap jump much to my disapproval. He came up short the first attempt as he didn't have enough speed. He bounced off the peak of the down ramp and managed to remain in control. Not satisfied he took 3 more run ups trying to get more speed before he launched again, this time launching high through the air and landing too far in the dip of the landing, bouncing clear off my bike and faceplanting in the sand. He knocked himself out briefly and came to with sand all through his mouth and an instant bruise on half his forehead where his helmet pushed in. Luckily he walked away with only minor injury and my bike was unharmed :)

He normally rides a 09 YZF 450 and bags two strokes, but after this weekend he now wants to get one and loves them!

Can't wait to head up again soon..

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