Read This - Then You May All Understand

by Tom

What a pathetic thread, funny to read but so sad...

Why has there got to be a divide between 2 and 4?
We are all out there to ride and have fun, all out there for the same reason, for a rush.

Doesn't matter which you prefer we should be giving advice and tips for riding no matter what the bike.

If someone down my local track told me my bike was rubbish, I'd tell him to suck it up and grow some balls because to be honest, I like going down there riding my turn and while waiting for my next race, talking to different riders, meeting new people and talking about bikes. Not.. which is better...? It's all about what you prefer not which is better.

Try telling Travis Pastrana that he is a pussy cause he rides mostly 125 or 250 2 strokes. He has won hundreds of competitions and freestyle events on 2's, infact it's so rare to see him on a 4... If he took you out on a track he'd be blowing rings around you whilst pulling wheelies and flips over you just for fun on 2t...

But try telling Reed or any supercross rider 4s are crap and I'm sure he would do the same...

In my opinion I prefer 2 strokes but in someone elses it might be a 4...

Freestyle - 2 stroke
Supercross - 4 stroke

The End.

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Apr 24, 2010
2 VS 4
by: Tom

Yeah don't get me wrong, I get a little wound up about the same thing! I stick up for the 2t's but then I love the ease or maintenance of which I can do myself.

I reckon that they should do the 250 2t vs 250 4t. I think the main producers like Honda, Yamaha etc. will just start to lose a heck of a lot of customers and thus are not doing it.

Feb 24, 2010
The Cost of 4t's Hurts Them
by: Jeff Flick.

Tom, I enjoyed reading your post. I also prefer the 2t's and because I'm such a huge fan of the 2-strokes sometimes I make the 4-stroke fans a little mad. The fact of the matter is that I never want to make any dirt bike rider mad & I believe we all deserve to buy & ride whatever brand or engine type we prefer.

I guess the main reason that I rant & rave about the 4-strokes is because of the companies that used to produce excellent 2-stroke dirt bikes all of a sudden stopped building them. A lot of people will say it was because people quit buying the 2-strokes but I believe if the companies that ceased producing them continued manufacturing the 2-strokes instead of abandoning them they would have sold them - especially now with our economy in a rut!

Now that our economy will take a few years to bounce back it seems like everybody wants a 2-stroke. I can't blame them with what 4-strokes cost in upkeep, and the high cost & short engine life of the 4t's is what hurts them the most.

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