Reasons Why 4 Strokes Are Better

2 strokes are more of a racing bike. They are snappy and a pain in the ass. You have to mix oil and gas. They are not environmentally friendly bikes. They are built cheaper and cost less to fix but they don't last as long as the 4 strokes do. They are lighter and easier to work on.

4 strokes are the way to go. They are good trail bikes and they are good hill climbing bikes compared to a 2 stroke. They last longer than a 2 stroke and they are not as bad for the earth. They gain speed faster than 2 strokes do. They aren't snappy at all like the 2 strokes are.

If you are a beginner looking for a bike.. pick the 4 stroke!

- As they say.. Different strokes for different folks.

Hayden -

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