Resurrecting 2-Strokes

by 2-stroke Tony
(Rexburg, Idaho)

My Ace Mechanic and an 84 RM500

My Ace Mechanic and an 84 RM500

I won't pay money to buy a new 4-stroke motorcycle when a 2-stroke will do the job better, even if it means resurrecting older bikes. It is actually cheaper to find and rebuild an old MX'r than to buy a new one. They can be raced through AHRMA. I will support the AMA and FIM when they allow 2-strokes of equal displacement to race with the 4-strokes in all classes.

I hope the big companies will soon make 500 open class bikes again as Maico and ATK are. I think the day is coming when the roles will be reversed again.

Oh, and you can still buy 250 Suzukis from British dealers and have them shipped here. They are still made for the European market.

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