Ricky Carmichael G.O.A.T Fan

by Matthew M Kelly
(Greenbank Queensland Australia)

I first remember watching Ricky race on Foxtel here In Australia. He was racing a Kawasaki KX125 in about 1997 I think. The next I heard of him was about 2004 and the talk was that James Stewart would take the Crown once he got to compete in the open?

But not myself, I believed Ricky would fight tooth and nail like the true Ginger Red Dog he is, with a will to win and dogged determination like no other. We backed Ricky and he always matched our expectations.

I'm an Aussie and I like Chad Reed also. I have seen him race here in Aus many times, but Ricky was always my favourite. I just wish I had seen him race before he retired.

I believe if he did one season against Villopoto, Dungey, Stewart and Reed, and did his usual training workup he would still dominate. There may never be another RC only the next best rider. Long live the legend and reality of RICKY the Great.

A tribute from his number 1 Aussie fan - Matty Kelly 20 March 2012

- Nice one Matty. I really like Ricky too and think he was an awesome role model and inspiration to so many people. And how good would it be to see him training and racing again?!

Hayden -

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